Mathew Blades Teams Up With Lerner & Rowe
​for the 7th Annual Back To School Tools Program

Will Seven Be Heaven?

A note from Mathew:

"There are more than 600 Title 1 Schools here in Maricopa county - and for too many are wondering where they will live that week, or where can they get a healthy meal outside of school. Getting to school can also be a challenge, and you can imagine how many of those kids show up without school supplies. They are outstanding kids with incredible attitudes who just want to learn, and I want to help them. Hope you do too! And I can't leave without saying thanks to the crew at Lerner and Rowe! Kevin, you are SO generous to help us get this done each year!"

For this year’s Back To School Tools Program, we have a goal of raising $15,000 for students struggling with unique social and economic conditions. This would give 1,500 kids their very own backpack and various supplies for the new school year.

Lerner & Rowe, Injury Attorneys, and Mathew Blades in the Morning are encouraging listeners to make a minimum donation of $9.69 to help us reach that goal. Lerner & Rowe has partnered with Mix 96.9’s Mathew Blades and offered to match the first $2,500 worth of listener donations. We aim to address those obstacles that impede learning, so our kids receive the education needed to become healthy, happy and independent young adults.

Help us reach our goal of $15,000 for these Arizona students in need who deserve this help to receive a better education!

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Back To School Tools Kick-Off

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